Found: President Trump’s Syrian Decision Playlist

The president who can’t pick a wife is having trouble making up his mind about Syria. Quelle surprise.

Word from the Hill is that President Trump is having a hard time making a decision on Syria. Or an informed one, at least.

The second official said Trump’s national security advisers have told him U.S. forces should stay in small numbers for at least a couple of years to make sure gains against the militants are held and ensure Syria does not essentially become a permanent Iranian base.

So here’s a little deciding music.

If you wanna stay, baby…please don’t go.

If you wanna go, well, don’t go away mad.

And for all those times when you can’t make up your mind, have it both ways.

Clash purists, I’d apologize, but a Living Colour cover with Scott Ian for the assist?

Well, I’m a fan.

Sounds like the president’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Or in his case, the Kremlin and a porn star.

The only decision he’s sure of is Fox News and grabbing life by the…Puscifer.

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